Shuttlecoin Cryptocurrency

Shuttlecoin is a POW - POS cryptocurrency, Community driven Coin.

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Shuttlecoin is a community driven coin

Built using scrypt algo, Shuttlecoin offers superfast transactions.

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POS reward:
Blocks 0 - 30000 1000% APR
Blocks 30000 - 32000 2000% APR
Blocks 32000 - 60000 1000% APR
Blocks 60000 - 62000 2000% APR
Blocks 62000 - 100000 1000% APR
Blocks 100000 - infinite 50% APR

Shuttle Coin


Have complete control over your shuttlecoin by storing it safely in your wallet

Fast Payments

No lengthy wait times - Shuttlecoin transactions are fast.

Community Coin

Shuttlecoin is a community driven coin - visit our discord channel.


Run your wallet unlocked and earn interest on your coins held, currently 1000% APR

Borderless Transactions

Send Shuttlecoin to anyone using a Shuttlecoin wallet

Easy To buy & Sell

Shuttlecoin can be purchased on Crex24 and Graviex Exchange

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Chat with other users of Shuttlecoin on our community driven discord channel.

Our Roadmap

  • Create coin name   
  • Create logo and coin design  
  • Create website  
  • Create coin  
  • Create staking wallet  
  • Create discord server channel  
  • Create bitcoin talk thread  
  • Create Block Explorer  
  • Submit to exchange markets  
  • Submit to staking pool  
  • Start marketing campaign  

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Shuttlecoin can be bought from the exchanges below.


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Our team is putting great effort into this project. But We are not responsible for any losses. Your investments are your own decision. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.